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"So often we find ourselves practicing insurance rather than medicine. We need to get back to the reason our profession exists: our patients." Karen Hill, Texas internist, Time 8 February 1999

All too often, physicians work in solitude. We see injustice, pain, tragedy, crimes... but with whom can we share? On this site, we can share experiences. Call attention to the plight of those harmed by Big Insurance. Solicit suggestions for strategies to win back your patients' rights and dignities. Share successes we've had when standing up to MCOs.

We will print these stories without authors's names. We will edit them, if necessary, to preserve the privacy of persons. Stories can be submitted anonymously; readers should be wary in that facts have not been verified.

Submit your stories. We need not suffer alone.

For the sake of anonymity, The Guerilla Physician will delay posting stories until sufficient numbers have been received. Check back later.

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