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We don't know just how The Guerilla Physician phenomenon might play against Big Insurance. It seems inevitable that some among us might feel the need to be able to communicate in private, to protect themselves or their patients' privacy.

The Guerilla Physician Stealthsite will ultimately serve up a variety of tools and services aimed at allowing private communication among physicians and between physicians and patients, free from the fear of retaliation from those whose focus is not health, but money.

Planned services include an authenticated, secure medical records server, an anonymous remailer, digital signature and timestamping service, and a private, secure discussion forum. If you might be interested in these services, consider subscribing to the Guerilla Physician Announcement List, so you can be notified by email as they come online.

The Guerilla Physician currently operates from a small, private server which might become overloaded as new services are brought online. If you have server or bandwidth resources you would like to contribute, please contact the Webmaster.

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