What You Don't Know Can Kill You:
The Guerilla Physician's guide to choosing medical services

Thank you for visiting the Guerilla Physician website. This is our page for patients and their families. It is designed to increase your awareness of conditions in the medical industry. We hope it will cut through some of the Madison Avenue hype that health care megacorps are trying to pass off as good health care policy.

What's Managed about Managed Care?

HMOs, PPOs, MCOs, Oh, My!

The Good Old Days?

Insurance Companies' Silent Partners

Big Government and Big Health

Who Are All Those Doctors?

Community vs. Teaching Institutions

The Myths of "On Call"

What's a "Formulary," and Who Chooses my Medications?

Choosing a Health Plan

Choosing a Doctor

When Care is Denied: Fighting Back

Your Role

Your Doctor's Role

The Law

Who Regulates?

Who Arbitrates?

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